Top Ten Words That Describe Most ENFPs:

Sensitive ... Visionary ... Casual ... Idealistic ... Energetic ... Spontaneous ... Imaginative ... Insightful ... Gregarious ... Collaborative



ENFPs are “idea generators” much more than they are “detail people.” Often ingenious designers of “win-win” solutions that have a long term positive impact on people, ENFPs are a continuous source of  “out of the box” ideas. Exceptionally optimistic, ENFPs more than any other type believe that everything is possible. There are two phases of most projects or meetings: 1) the initial “big picture,” “vision setting” stage; and 2) the logistics or “action items” stage. Innovative visionaries, ENFPs shine during the former, gaining much more energy from envisioning future possibilities and idea generating then from completing concrete tasks. They tend to lose steam toward the end of projects when everything is decided and only the final execution steps remain, particularly when this involves handling details. ENFPs report that remembering random specifics is not a natural gift. As a result, they tend to rely heavily on copious note-taking for things like “action items” and logistics.



Insightful, humorous, and highly energetic with “the gift of the gab,” ENFPs as a group tend to develop rapport with others faster than any other type. They intuitively “get” what makes others tick, and then swiftly and naturally adapt their approach accordingly. Their exceptional social skills, genuine warmth, passion, and infectious enthusiasm draw others to them. They spend a great deal of time connecting on a “personal level” in their work relationships, and maintaining a large professional network. ENFPs are “people” people who become drained by long stretches of time working alone. They need the stimulation of a collaborative environment to feel energized and to be able to “fire on all cylinders.” ENFPs think best out loud, and generate ideas most easily in group brainstorming sessions.



Staggeringly perceptive, ENFPs are one of the types MOST highly attuned to the emotional reactions of others (and their own feelings as well). Their insights into the emotions at play and motivations behind behavior are usually amazingly accurate. They naturally put others needs before their own, and often go well out of their way to maintain harmony in their relationships. ENFPs develop thicker skins over the course of their career, but generally they tend to take criticism personally, and may read more into feedback than was intended.



Generous and empathetic, ENFPs have a special gift for leaving others feeling inspired and valued for their unique gifts. ENFPs naturally provide energetic support, appreciation, and positive feedback to others. As people who “aim to please,”  ENFPs feel a surge in motivation when they themselves also receive regular and genuine compliments. ENFPs love to inspire others to gain a new perspective and reach their maximum potential.  As the MOST idealistic type, they would rather err more on the side of giving others the benefit of the doubt, and thus usually meet others well more than half way.



Flexible, casual, spontaneous, and easy going, ENFPs love surprises and tend to leave their options open as long as possible. ENFPs might struggle a bit to stay organized, and they can be easily distracted from the task at hand.


Top ten: ENFPs are the type MOST likely to . . . 

  • 1. Develop instant rapport with a stranger

  • 2. Find that others readily share personal information with them

  • 3. Decide by involving others; value consensus

  • 4. Be seen as optimistic, idealistic and emotionally intelligent

  • 5. Follow their “gut” or hunches without concrete facts

  • 6. Build consensus

  • 7. Create a collaborative, team environment

  • 8. Be able to adapt their style to each situation or person

  • 9. See life as a fun adventure with endless possibilities

  • 10. Be a celebrity musician, talk show host, or theater actor


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